Monday, July 7, 2014

Vintage Amoire....FINALLY DONE!

My parents gave me the bedroom set that they bought in the late 60's and had my entire childhood! When they moved to England in 1999, they gave me the amoire and also the matching dresser. I put them each in the 2 guest rooms we have. One is a Tommy Bahama theme, so it works quite well with the decor. BUT, this amoire went in the "beach" themed room upstairs, and I was never a fan of it, but kept it because it is such a SOLID piece, and was in such great condition. WELL...I finally decided to tackle CHALK PAINTING it. I did some research, and since Annie Sloan chalk paints don't require ANY sanding/prep, I ran with it. It's not cheap paint, but goes on very nicely. I started by painting the entire hutch Napoleonic Blue, then did 2 coats of the Pure White. I sanded lightly.....but a LOT! I wanted the look to be very distressed. I used different sand papers, but found the 320 grit worked the best. After distressing, I used the "secret ingredient" which is the Annie Sloan Wax. I brushed it on, and buffed it off with a soft rag. This seals the chalk paint, and makes the finish smooth. Lastly, I used the original hardware, but painted it silver. Wah-Lah!! It's DONE!


  1. Heather, the hutch turned out fabulous! I wish I could see a close up. What a wonderful gift from your parents.

    1. Thank you Angela!! It was a challenge, but now I want to do more! I will be posting another project soon of a hutch that was my grandmothers, and has been sitting in my garage for 20 years (half stripped of paint). I plan to chalk paint that as well! smiles....