Sunday, August 19, 2012

Let's Go "GLAMPING" !!

Okay, my dear dear friend, Becky is turning the big "60"! So I asked her what kind of party she wanted, and it didn't surprise me that she wanted a girls camping trip. So, of course it wouldn't be a camping trip without GLAM or BLING right? I made a GLAMPERS survival kit for each gal. This was a fun a really inexpensive project. Only $20 for everything you see here! I went to Dollar tree and got flashlights (made GLAM GLOW tags for them) and then I covered shampoos and conditioners that were free from past hotel stays and labeled them with "Glam Sham and Glam Shine"- also covered soap and called it "GLOAP" (yes, that means Glammer soap!) The covered water bottles will have candy to stuffed in them. Lastly, a glammer gal can't go camping without WET WIPES, so I covered them with tissue and a fun boa and called it Glam Rags. I can't wait for the party!!

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